Matthew Ochoa: Founder of Jefferson Packing House

 Matthew Ochoa Jefferson Packing House
Matthew Ochoa

I grew up in Southern Oregon, in Ashland, a very progressive town with big cannabis culture and alternative medicine culture.

I’m a natural problem solver and creative thinker. I am excited to be part of this culture spreading out to more of the world. I believe cannabis and other natural medicines help wake people up to remember that we are all connected and life happens in cycles. If we take and pollute, we will see and live the consequences and if we create and contribute we will also see the effects.

How did you get started in cannabis?

I started out trading and selling bike parts then got into cars and at 16 a friend came into town with a backpack full of weed. The numbers and demand were better on the weed and so for the next 10 years, my job was to try to find enough for my buyers. At 26 I was delivering 500-pound loads all over the country.

How did your company get started?

After being out of the cannabis industry for 10 years and having built a global special events company (DomeGuys International), recreational marijuana legalized in Oregon. Looking back into the industry from the perspective of logistics, I saw there was a gap between people thinking they wanted to start dispensaries and people wanting to grow – from plant to product. I recognized the difficulty in scaling and felt I could bring the most value in this area.

What areas of the cannabis industry do you and your company specialize in?

We specialize in value preservation. Farmers do a great job of creating value in the field. Our position is to come in and harvest, dry, store and process the product they grow and take it to a sales-ready product.

What do you think is the next big thing in cannabis, and for your company?

Resolved banking & Borders opening – this will bring in the big (publicly funded) companies. This will also open up the bigger retail chains and increase volume – the entire industry will change.

How does your company differ from the others in cannabis?

Jefferson Packing House
Here’s one of the facilities that they support.

We don’t grow and we are not trying to establish a consumer brand.

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