RJ Falcioni: CEO of outspoke.io and Outcrowd Group

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RJ Falcioni

A 12-year cannabis industry executive, cannabis cup judge, mentor for Canopy Boulder and Eaze Momentum, big in Spain.

How did you get started in cannabis?

I took my first drag of cannabis when I was 20, it was Jack Herer and I was in love. Studying history and law, cannabis as a career was attractive for so many reasons and the second I got a chance to join the industry in California, I did. It was truly one of those moments where someone does something for the first time like ride a skateboard and knows that’s the career for them. I will say I was fortunate to make the right connections early on in my career and worked way to keep and improve my Rolodex over the last 12 years.

How did your company get started?

I began Outcrowd Group Consulting in 2017 after a successful exit from my previous company Box of Jane. it was through Outcrowd that I met outspoke.io CTO Stefan; he had a licensed business and needed help navigating the transition to adult-use. As it became obvious to me that the recipe for Stefan’s success was going to be through a platform that Stefan had built to manage his business. After 19 months and 4 iterations of the platform, we’re preparing for a relaunch Feb 1st and couldn’t be more excited.

What do you think is the next big thing in cannabis, and for your company?

Cannabinoids besides THC and CBD. Products containing THCA and CBG in particular, along with THCV, will become hot over the next 12 months as the “recreational” shopper gives way to health-focused consumers looking for both education and products which will improve their fitness-driven lives. I also believe will see a THCA drug approved by the FDA in the next 12 month, which would be excellent so long as the price is reasonable and the THCA is derived naturally, whether from cannabis, yeast, algae or otherwise.

How does your company differ from the others in cannabis?

Both outspoke.io and Outcrowd Group focus on providing businesses with the singular secret to success – reality. Whether that’s bringing the reality of the markets to investors or showing businesses how to survive in the short term while teaching them how to thrive in the long term, everything we do is rooted in bringing the often missing reality to the table. Many other groups feel that selling the “all is well, don’t worry” vibe is the route to success, but that only brings success to the technology or consulting group as these companies look to profit from the churn. Quite the opposite with our groups, we seek long term relationships and have continued to enjoy growth even during the slow periods.

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