Sky Lima: CEO of Sky High Industries and Sales Director & Partner of Exactus, Inc.


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Sky Lima

I have 10 years plus of sales experience in the Vape, Cannabis, & Hemp industry, that I worked as a sales director, manager, partner, entrepreneur, and sales consultant. I started in Vape 8 years ago and crossed over to Hemp about 2 years ago. I’ve built a network of hemp manufacturers, wholesalers, and buyers that is forever growing across the country. I also travel a lot internationally to do business in countries like Russia, the U.K., Middle East, and South America so my network reaches out beyond the U.S. I started Sky High Industries so that companies who hire me to increase sells is done so by hiring my company Sky High Industries first.

How did your company get started?

My company started because I built a name for me among manufacturers and had the ability to sell for multiple companies so that I could evolve my sales career in Cannabis and to help with CA tax write-offs living in California. I formed Sky High Industries that would act as my umbrella company that is what all my endeavor’s fall under. My rolodex of buyers and producers is what allowed me to get started.

What areas of the cannabis industry do you and your company specialize in?

Sales management for manufacturing and distribution. Really, I work a little bit in all areas of sales of all types of hemp and cannabis products. CBD, CBG, CBN enriched premium Hemp products, and THC enriched premium Cannabis products from flower, processed extractions, concentrates, oils, shatter, topicals, & edibles.

How does your company differ from the others in cannabis?

exactus inc
Exactus, Inc. was present in recent major Cannabis events

I’m a one-stop source located in Los Angeles. CA who provides solutions to businesses alike to create a large scale one-stop-shop supply chain that is 100% transparent. I don’t make money unless my client is happy and makes money. My reputation for being honest, blunt, & straight forward has given the ability to earn the trust of my clients because they know I am honest in my approach. I also offer guarantees and can literally supply any need with a high-quality product at competitively low market pricing. This is all based on my relationships with farms and labs I offer services that are the same as going direct to the farm or lab because they hire my company as an independent sales contractor.

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